A Weekly Encounter


A Weekly Encounter

 A Weekly Encounter: Fifty-Two Meditations of Hope by Erwin K. Thomas is available at Amazon.com. It is a carefully crafted, and meant to help readers grow in the Christian faith.  Through this devotional, God’s promises, blessings, and hope are highlighted.  These meditations are meant to be a weekly walk in a believer’s prayer life.

 Readers will be comforted by the citations of biblical verses, and quotes from world-renowned figures.  Their words guide a believer’s social, cultural, and spiritual quests.  These quotes are by thinkers and comments by historical personalities like Thomas Jefferson, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Shakespeare, John F. Kennedy, Pope Francis, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Billy Graham, Desmond Tutu, Aristotle, Voltaire, Confucius, and more.  In their own unique way, these individuals captured the grandiose nature of God.

 All devotions are in sections - The Church, Love Conquers, Light Is a Force, Precious Gifts, Live with Dignity, Cultural Attributes, Our Real Home, Superb Joy, Team Spirit, and Selected Readings.  These Christian topics deal with the human condition, saints, vision of leadership, images of God, faces of love, pioneers of salvation, cherished lives, marvelous gifts, blessings in disguise, American culture, our earthly journey, and more.

 Each week a believer has the option of reading a meditation, and reflecting on a biblical verse in Thought of the Week.  This one-of-a-kind collection will sustain a reader for an entire year. With these pages, is the belief of the Holy Spirit, and interesting quotations.  Everyone will learn about scripture, divine mysteries, how to live a godly life, about salvation, and the joys of paradise. 

 In conclusion, there is Selected Readings. Through listed citations, the author was able to shape these devotions. These selections were drawn from contemporary Christian thought, theological teachings, spiritual classics, and prayer books. This is an attempt to capture the essence of the major Christian traditions, viz., Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and Non-denominational churches.








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