Devotions on Ailments


Devotions on Ailments

Devotions on Ailments: Physical & National Ills by Erwin K Thomas is available at It addresses diverse problems of everyday lives. Health issues that often spiral out of control.  There are no easy answers.  People may be unable to fix them, and can be a thorn in their side.  Yet, they are faced with these dilemmas. These matters take on new meanings, and challenges exist while they grapple with uncertainties.  They are in the very DNA of our lives at the physical, and national level.  Many experience, these disruptions of all kinds of illnesses that linger beneath the surface of their existence.  Everyone deals with their problems differently, but the main goal is to find the right solution in solving them.  What follows are examples of these calamities.

Part Life & Hope deals with the vicissitudes of living.  It examines society senior coffee hour, learning in schools, LGBTQ rights, combating disinformation, digital entertainment, women & civil rights, and much more.

Part Healthy Living addresses what makes people tick.  Its like walking is fun, benefits of cows, taking car trips, eating less sugar, benefiting from teenage hobbies, vaccine rollout, aging wisely, and protecting your home.

Part Caring & Nature focuses on a good marriage, life of Corolla wild horses, service to community, service learning, the Golden Rule, elderly at home, child care system, and having homeless shelters.

Part Diseases & Challenges talks about coronavirus vaccine, independent living for seniors, living with diabetes, showing signs of depression, capital siege religion, the harm of air pollution, and smoking health risks.

Part Love Heals describes lifes possibilities, work of human rights defenders, God’s precious love, growing in love, faces of love, nature of love, and the unbroken path to love.

Part End of Life speaks about dying and death.  It explains issues of COVID-19 & Blacks, faith, late adulthood, and the pandemic death toll.

To conclude this devotional is a Selected Bibliography, including a range of sources reviewed.



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