Dfurstane's Spiritual Beliefs


Dfurstane’s Spiritual Beliefs
Dfurstane’s Spiritual Beliefs by Erwin K Thomas is available at Amazon.com. After years of study and meditation on the major World Religions from both the Eastern and Western faith traditions e.g., history, dogma, ethics, rituals, festivals, and sacred texts this writer carved out a path based on the following concepts:
1) God like nature is infinite in every way. God isn't anthropomorphic - having human attributes or characteristics. Some think that this Primordial Essence is impersonal, but a believer's intuition shows that this Presence Oneness shapes creation. Although, it may be through the intuition of synchronicity that some people are born in certain families, and reflect the way they live.
2) Spiritual beliefs are always evolving, and like nature nothing remains the same.
3) This Eternal Presence is All in All, predictable and unpredictable, the existence of a mystery, and always greater than conceived.
4) This timeless Spirit is like glue that holds all universal
manifestations together.
5) Through this Eternal Essence all elements, structures, species,and forces are created.
6) In the Universe everything takes some form, and at their demise new life appears.
7) The consciousness and health of life are determined largely by the process of nature.
8) Life is filled with human constructs, but good and bad exist as opposite sides of the same coin.
9) People often pray by words, thoughts, deeds, physical exercises, and works.
10) Rational reflection causes growth, development, discovery, and healing.
11) Positive and negative polarities are cultural norms, but eternal reality is best expressed by wholeness.
12) Prayer works as a regulator of cosmic order. It is the interactions of the interrelated social structures. Believers should pray for harmony in the world. Lack of this virtue leads to conflicting results. This may have nothing to do with people’s behavior, but with the nature of life itself.
13) Being in harmony with nature is the key to successful living. This means focusing on a balanced life: a) by caring for oneself; b) serving the poor, homeless, and destitute; and c) building up communities with love and compassion.
14) People should aim to shape their own destiny.
15) Religious literacy will enable individuals to discover a path that is essential for spiritual growth.
16) Believers in pursuing their desired path will always be One with the Universe’s Eternal Presence.
17) May the Eternal Presence whether God, Allah, Brahman, Dao, Humanist, or another manifestation help people to embrace the One, True, Light.

Dfurstane - Devotees for Universal Rights Stand Tall After Natural Enlightenment.


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