Sunlit Streams of Water


Sunlit Streams of Water

Sunlit Streams of Water: Devotions for Religious Naturalists by Erwin K Thomas, available at celebrates naturalism’s impact on human beings. 

This devotional captures the symbolism of sunlight, streams, and water.  Its themes represent life, energy, power, and rebirth. 

1.    Sunlight appears as the completion of the Creator’s great works. 

2.    Streams declare the passage of time,

3.    Water is the new birth flowing into the vast oceans. 

Much of this symbolism leads to understanding minds and receptive hearts. 

Water itself represents, not only birth, but refreshment, and fertility.  It symbolizes life itself, purification, healing, the alleviation of suffering, and redemption.  In Christianity, it is used for baptism, and the Holy Spirit is often depicted as celestial fire. 

To a Religious Naturalist, Nature in its manifestations – sky, moon, stars, oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, valleys, creatures of all kinds, trees, flora, and fauna are all Holy. 

Knowledge of science and the arts are essential prerequisites for appreciating and understanding Nature.



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