A Special Spark


A Special Spark

Everyone has a special spark.

Their God-light is always present.

It’s what motivates them to be amazing,

It helps all to be uniquely who they are.


Life’s abundance is all around.

People rejoice with these wonderful gifts.

But they will never forget their upbringing.

Some folks are rich but many are poor.


Yet, there’s goodness in all of their lives.

And most endeavor to serve their community.

This is when their spark will burn brightly.

That’s how they make their presence felt.


The light from people’s lives is bright.

They eagerly reach out to touch the sky.

The shining stars glow as their gifts.

And longing souls are captivated by their acts.


So, let each living spark become a flame.

A fire that cleanses the depths of despair.

Life will always rebound in total brilliance.

And lonely lives will rejoice with hope.



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