Black Bee


Black Bee

Black Bee, what do you want?

What are you trying to say?

These are questions that

Puzzled me as you kept flying,

And darting around madly.


Is this a celestial dance?

Is it some sort of celebration?

Did you see me as an angel?

Or, am I an enemy?

Ideas of your mission kept

Popping up in my head.


To be honest I was rather

Perplexed. I had to be

Concerned since my wife Mary,

And son Matthew were stung

By bees on the same porch

Where I was meditating.


I kept an eye on this black

Carpenter bee. I was

Admiring what a beautiful

Creature it was. Its yellow trunk

And black extremity fascinated

Me. However, although at

Times it came inches to my

Face, it didn’t sting me.


It had to be a divine presence.

With Mary and Matthew was it

Different? Weeks before, they

Got stung, and used a sliced

Onion to heal their pain. One

Saturday morning, this was a

Lesson, I learned by listening to

The People’s Pharmacy on

Radio IQ, NPR Charlottesville,




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